Gym closure: Please see the bottom of our FAQ's page for details.



Your Safety Matters

We are open 24 hours a day!  We are not staffed all the time, but we see you.  Kenmore Fitness has 24 hour surveillance  and security key card, members only, entrance.  We also have an AED and a basic first aid kit on premises.  Cell phones are allowed, but please only use them for music (with headphones) or emergencies.  Talking on cell phones is not permitted!

Guest Policy

We want you to get a great workout and sometimes that requires a partner.  If you want to bring a partner, we must be notified!  Please call us at 425-408-1935 and leave a message if we don't answer.  We will get back to you ASAP!  Guest visits are $10.  All visitors must sign a waiver prior to usage so please make an appointment.

Entrance Policy

Persons interested in touring our gym must have an appointment to do so.  If you see someone that wants to get in, please inform them of our policy without admitting them.  Members or former members that don't have activated security cards can't be admitted either.  They must call and make an appointment, as well.  Anyone caught admitting any non-members will be assessed a $10 guest fee.

Cancellation Policy

We do not do contracts!  However, we do require cancellations to occur AT LEAST 10 days prior to YOUR billing date.  Late cancellations within the 10 day period will be assessed a $10 late cancellation fee.  Cancellations that occur on or after the billing date will be charged full membership price.  No exceptions. Acceptable forms of cancellation are as follows: Written/typed letter sent or delivered to our gym or email via our 'Contact' page.

Don't speak English?

Please bring a translator if your first language is not English.  We do not currently have anyone on staff that speaks a foreign language.

Clothes and Shoes

Please wear proper attire.  If you wouldn't wear it in front of your parents, don't wear it here.  Closed toe shoes are required.  Please make sure not to track in dirt or mud!

covid-19 related topics



We will be closed until Phase 3 of Governor Inslee's phased plan for businesses to re-open.  We realize that this may change, so please check back to our FAQ's page regularly.


We are asking you, as members, to please avoid cancelling your memberships unless you're moving or legitimately cannot afford it.  Like you, we still have to pay rent, utilities, cleaning and staff.  We want you to have a gym to come back to after the worst is past us!  That said, we are operating with limited staff, so answering emails and voicemails will take more time than normal.


We will not be issuing any refunds for March/April, as this closure was issued, by the State of Washington, in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19.  We will re-evaluate as time goes on.


We do have a freeze option.  We will only allow freezes for one month at a time...maximum 3 months; consecutively or per calendar year.  You will be responsible for renewing your freeze 10 days prior to your normal autopay date.  This option will begin April 1st, if Kenmore Fitness is unable to re-open.  Freezes will be charged $10/month/person vs. your normal member rate.  Again, if you can afford to keep your membership, at the normal rate, please do so. Thank you!

May Dues

Due to the economic strain that we are all experiencing, Kenmore Fitness will only by charging $10/person for the month of April/May.  Our annual enhancement fee of $19, which was scheduled for 4/15/2020, will be postponed until 6/15/2020.

What you should do

Please be patient.  We want to re-open, too.  Upon that day, please wash your hands prior to coming in. While you are here, please wipe down your equipment, after use, and wash your hands before you leave.